19 May 2020 | 02:38am

Pleased to let everyone know that the bbb website has been updated.
For this refresh it was a pruning more than anything. Removing web pages that hadn’t been updated in pretty long time, updating content (i.e. trying to be less wordy) for others, some backend work like changing out some of the plugins, updating the theme, and improving overall site security.

And, we’ve got plans to introduce some new functionality over the next few months. Stay tuned, and thanks for your support as we fix the niggles that always happen when you make web changes.

06 May 2020 | Wwise Certification

We’re on track to be Wwise certified in the mid-June timeframe

101 Wwise Fundamentals
201 Interactive Music

Other certification in the series is planned over the next year, based on project needs.

What is Wwise you may ask? Well its a layer of middleware between audio creatives (sound design, composers, dialog) and the game engine. Want to know more, well you find out about it right here: Audiokinetic

16 April 2020 | COVID19 Response

We continue to observe recommendations of self-quarantine to minimize the spread of the surreal land of COVID19. A bunch of projects on hold of course now as the world tries to figure some things out.

03 March 2020 | REDACTED video game update

Pleased to announce that our contribution to an upcoming Microsoft title is now complete. Now comes the waiting. Currently targeted for May I believe.